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 image tube 4Burilnye Truby LLC is the subsidiary company of Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works JSC (KUMZ JSC), the major manufacturer of semi-finished products of aluminum and magnesium alloys in Russia. Our Company was founded in 2007  on the basis of Pipe Extrusion Facility to provide dynamic development, concentration of efforts undertaken for higher quality of products and services for oil and gas sector.

The top manufacturer of high-strength and superlight aluminum alloy pipes – our mission is to design, manufacture, and supply our products for drilling, construction, and operation of oil and gas wells.

  • Aluminum alloys properties are compared favourably with steel properties. The specific weight and elasticity modulus of aluminum alloys is almost three times lower than of steels and the specific strength of aluminum is 1.5 to 2 times higher than that of steels. Non-magnetism is similar to Monel metal, nickel and copper alloy.
  • Aluminum alloys are of high heat and electric conductivity.  They are securely protected with the oxide film formed in contact with oxygen preventing any further oxidation.
  • High cold resistance of aluminum alloys (physical and chemical properties are stable at temperature down to 80ºС below zero) that enables the successful application of all configurations of oil-and-gas pipes (LADP, superlight drill pipes, light-alloy tubing, casing, and in-field pipes) amidst high North. Unlike steel, aluminum alloys do not degrade their own strength parameters at the lower temperatures at all and even on the contrary they cause a sort of strengthening with no plasticity attributes degraded.

Reliable supplier. Our manufacturing facilities enable us to provide full-cycle manufacturing of the products ordered and supply such products to the end user within the shortest possible time.

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