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Drill Pipes

Drill pipes with end upsetting and stabilizing groove (its counterparts) are manufactured by Burilnye Truby LLC from aluminum alloys such as D16Т or 1953Т1 by direct hydraulic hot extrusion.image tube 4

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Light-Alloy Casing

image tube 3The light-alloy casing (LAC) is reasonable to be used in the operating wells with aggressive formation fluid with high hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide where the standard steel pipes cannot use utilized, however, the imported pipes of special steel grades require greater costs to be incurred for purchasing such pipes.

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Light-Alloy Tubing

Light-alloy inserted-joint tubing (LAT) are made of aluminum alloys D16T and 1953T1 and designed for operations related to development and exploitation of oil and gas wells as well as for process operations to intensify oil and gas exploitation. Apart from the high specific strength, aluminum alloys are neutral to hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide that are often available in the formation fluids making it one more advantage in operation in aggressive medium. LAT became common use in installation of the cement plugs in the well bore with regards to being drilled out easily.

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Special-Purpose Tubing

Integral-joint tubing

Integral-joint tubing is used

  • as drill pipes for running and cementing of liners;
  • for installation of cement plugs and drilling in unstable formations.

Integral-joint tubing are made with externally and internally upset tips for threading and can be easily drilled out by the rock drilling bit.

NON-magnetic drill collars

Non-magnetic integral-joint drill collars are used:

  • as non-magnetic housings and pipes for downhole telemetric system
  • for geophysical surveys inside the drill column with regards to non-magnetic properties of the alloys.

heavy light-alloy tubing WITH INTERNAL END PROTECTOR  

Heavy light-alloy tubing with internal end protector is used:

  • as intermediary element of BHA to vary the rigidity from frill collars to heavy light-alloy tubing with internal end protector;
  • as the damper of longitudinal vibrations with regards to aluminum alloy capacity to absorb and disseminate the elastic vibration energy.

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