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About company

image02Burilnye Truby LLC is the leading manufacturer of high-strength and superlight aluminum alloy pipes with purposes to develop, manufacture, and deliver the products for drilling, construction, and operation of oil and gas well.

  • High specific strength of light-alloy drill pipes (LADP)
  • Lower rod friction
  • Lower elasticity modulus and less friction ratio in standard drill fluids
  • The middle part of LADP can be provided with protector
  • High corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys

Burilnye Truby LLC is absolute subsidiary of Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works JSC (KUMZ), the major manufacturer of semi-finished products of aluminum and magnesium alloys in Russia, founded in 2007 on the basis of Pipe Extrusion Facility to expedite the evolution of business and services for oil and gas operators.

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Our Advantages

image01More advantageous location. Burilnye Truby LLC is located in Kamensk-Uralsky, a centre of the Urals, 100 km south-east from Yekaterinburg, the most industrialized region of Russia.

The most advantageous proximity to the principle oil and gas mining areas (e.g. Orenburg, Western and Eastern Siberia, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, etc.) drastically reduces the delivery costs for light-alloy drill pipes. The products can be delivered by railway cars, low-sided railway cars, low-capacity and high-capacity containers, and trucks.

State-of-art technology and equipment enable the full-cycle processing of the pipes of modern structures (such as extrusion, heat treatment, straightening, USI, pipe machining and coupling line including pipes assembled with hot-coupling and cold-coupling tool joints) including high-corrosion resistant light-alloy drill pipes.

  • Best technical and technological practices in manufacturing of pipes of special range.
  • Position  to promptly respond to market demands related to oil service tools (product range extension)

High quality is ensured by the modern methods of process control at all levels of product manufacturing.

Individual approach to every Customer and Order.

Additional opportunities. Together with our partners, Akvatik-BT, the engineering company, we can manufacture products (LADP, light-alloy tubing (LAT), light-alloy casing (LAC)) and provide you with full range of services such as integrated calculations of drill string assemblies, development of drilling recommendations, etc.

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